About Me

Susan M FritzDepending upon the context, I sometimes begin my beginning with “…I was born on the wind-swept plains of Montana on a cold winter’s day.” Because beginnings matter, but they are not the end.

Growing up in Montana was, in many ways, the best thing fate could have programmed for me. Not only is it unusual, nature-filled, and full of cows, it inspires a person to become fully herself while never becoming “too big for her britches”.

So when I ventured “back East” to go to a “fancy school”, it’s not that I suspected, but rather knew I’d be the dimmest bulb east of the Mississippi (a word I could spell only thanks to a rhyme). Turns out I wasn’t, and this initial bold move inspired 2-plus decades of the same–constant momentum to change and grow and literal movement of life from location to location.

It all started at the University of Pennsylvania, where I met Dan, the man who would become my husband. Yep–although we waited until we were both “older” (24), the deal was sealed at age 18. For work and life reasons we lived in Texas, Connecticut, and back to New York City so I could pursue my acting and bagel-consumption dreams. Things were rolling along nicely until Dan was diagnosed with cancer in January of 2008. After a year of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Dan left this planet. On January 31, 2009, my world changed–again.

And that is, in a rather misshapen nut shell, how there came to be a why behind what you are reading about me and my nomadic life here, on this site. “Travel” is not really what I do. I Nomad. Or, to use the gerund, “Nomading” is what I do. And I love how I live. I am so very lucky to get to choose, every day, where to go, what to do, how to be. And as I sometimes say, only half-jokingly, if my current lifestyle requires me to work at Arby’s when I’m 80, well then I’ll be the most interesting old lady serving up the Roast Beef ‘N Cheddar.

If I’ve learned anything during the past decade, it’s that the only way for Me, You, or Anyone Else to be, is exactly We.

I hope you enjoy my musings…feel free to give me a social media shout or an email if you’re interested in finding out more.