Episode 10: Go With It!

Written by Susan Fritz | Friday, March 11th, 2016 Posted in On the Fritz Show Notes, On the Fritz with Susan Fritz Podcast, Soda Springs

Released March 11, 2016, Podcast #10: Go With It!

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Hey, On the Fritz listeners!

This week I’m Podcasting from Soda Springs, California where it has been snowing like mad! Quite the contrast from sunny Hawaii, but I’m enjoying re-learning layering techniques and entertaining myself with funky royalty free music!

In this podcast:

I come dangerously close to saying more than a few sentences about this political race thingy…but stop myself.


Nomad Tip of the Pod: economical ways to keep up your yoga or fitness routine on the road, featuring my favorite app, Yelp.

Listener Response:

In response to my request to questions and comments from last week’s podcast, I read an email from my friend Colleen, who I met a few summers ago at a writing workshop given by fabulous writer and human extraordinaire Nancy Aronie. It took place at a lovely little hippie dippy center called Esalen in Big, Sur, California.

I also discuss food–a lot.

Thanks again to the fabulous Ben for his entertaining royalty free music at: www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music

If he is indeed an actual human, perhaps we will meet one day. See you all next time from a new location…On the Fritz!



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