Podcast #11: Pi/e/a/ce it Together

Written by Susan Fritz | Tuesday, March 29th, 2016 Posted in Arizona, Blog, On the Fritz Show Notes, On the Fritz with Susan Fritz Podcast

Released March 28, 2016. Episode #11: Pi/e/a/ce it Together

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Happy Easter and Welcome, Spring! 

This podcast contains a few seemingly disparate elements, tying terrorist attacks and my 9-11 story to this week’s newsletter on guilt and grief entitled: 

“The G Spots (*Rated G)”

I also take you on a belated adventure to the Shilin Night Market from my Christmas in Taipei, Taiwan.

And of course…the Nomad Tip of the Pod: Don’t Ever Panic!

Thanks again to Ben of Ben Sounds for his entertaining royalty-free music. http://www.bensound.com

Better ‘N a Link! Click on the arrow below for the 11th Episode! *technologically sensitive and appropriate for the “seasoned” crowd.

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