The New Invictus

Written by Susan Fritz | Sunday, January 31st, 2016 Posted in Blog, Dan Fritz

For Dan, my Captain, gone 7 years

I woke up with the wet washcloth on my forehead brain

Tears from the memory of heat and water mixed with salt

(Too much, but not enough)

I went to grab a glacier and came back empty-handed

Hope sinking by the belief that Our Love was stronger than the Titanic

(Too much, but not enough)

I was the Captain of an Unsinkable Fate

Life hit with the Reality of cold and wet mangled by impact

(Too much, but not enough)

Oh, my Captain,

The sea was rough and the ship sunk

(Too much, but not enough)

I gave myself these titles—some, in secret

Master, Captain, Wife, Protector…on and on and on…

(Too much, but not enough)

Impossible Identities

Like oil and water and that tired myth of Sisyphus

The ship sunk anyway

I woke up

(Too much, but not enough)

Much, but not enough

But not enough

Not enough


*This is dedicated to Mr. Rossell who “made” us memorize this and other epic poetry for no good reason…except for it comes in handy when accessing one’s deep emotions.

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