Bali, Hi!

Written by Susan Fritz | Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 Posted in Bali, On the Fritz Show Notes

The Bali Podcast! Released December 3, 2015: Bali, Hi!

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You will learn just a few things in this episode:

1: I am still alive.

2: I am melting (did I mention it’s hot in Bali…?)

3: I do not make for a highly sensitive cultural guide. (“um…yeah, so they have these sacred religious traditions…”)

4: If you’ve never heard of the Winchester Mystery House, you will now!

5: I lecture you for a few seconds about “obligatory Xmas gifts”.

*Important disclaimer: I realize that Bali is not Bali H’ai (**I can look things up on the Google, too you know…!) 

**Important disclaimer #2: That was a joke. I am actually familiar with the musical South Pacific and, as an amateur/immature “know-it-all”, need you to know that I know the situation.

Welcome back!

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