Wonder Bug Takes on Bali’s Bread

Written by Susan Fritz | Tuesday, November 10th, 2015 Posted in Bali, Moving Images

After my “Summer of Wasp Trouble” in Alaska (*see also Podcast Episode #1) , I was none too excited when this bee-like creature (shoot, I don’t know which kind–the tropical kind) buzzed up and into my biz-nass, which was eggs and toast. But the toast was white bread and even though it’s snobby and wasteful, Homie (me) don’t usually do white bread (Homie’s person supplies enough of that as it.)

Anyway, rather than let the bread go to waste, I placed it down for this fella. He dug his way into it before I could race to get my camera phone–would you believe I was sitting there doing nothing? (and I am not erasing that–I just went back into my mental time machine with “camera phone”). I’m not trying to make a bold nutritional statement when I say he attacks the bread like it’s laced with crack-cocaine. It sort of is…it’s white bread. He rolls on away and can’t get up.

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